IIT Alumni Community in the UK

I guess we have always known that we have a strong IIT presence here in the UK and I get quite some varied estimates from people that I ask.

While it is going to be impossible to ever measure that accurately, I have done a bit a research and here are my findings.

Based on my search on LinkedIn, there are approximately 6000 people in the UK who have listed one of the IITs in their Education section. 

I analysed about 2000 of these in  a little more detail to determine the IITs they graduated from and the type of degrees. I suspect that this is a good enough sample to assume the distribution will remain similar in the rest of the cohort.

Here are the details.

IIT Delhi has the largest cohort here, but closely followed by IIT Bombay and Kharagpur. There are a few IITs yet to be represented here – we hope to welcome them soon.

Note: There are a number of people from multiple IITs and they are counted in each.

Fun fact: There is one person in the UK who has three Degrees with each being from a different IIT ! – Dhanbad, Kanpur and Madras.

We also have a pretty even distribution between Graduates and Post Graduates in our cohort. I think this has been helped considerably due to the Integrated Master’s programs in the various IITs.

And lastly, if you are wondering which graduation year has the largest presence in the UK, all those you graduated in 2013 – go ahead celebrate!