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Winter Assistance Application

The program has ended for the period of Oct 2023 to Mar 2024, and is no longer accepting applications. But we are now accepting donations to fund the program for the next season. Thank you for your interest and consideration. 

The rising cost of living and energy prices in the UK has resulted in an unexpected financial burden. This is particularly acute in the winter months, due to the high energy costs for heating. This program aims to provide temporary financial relief for the newly arrived alumni/current students of IITs in the UK, who are in conditions of need, or financial hardship within the scope of the objects of the IIT AA UK’s constitution. 


1) Applicants must be a current student of IITs visiting the UK for academic purposes or an alumnus of the IITs residing in the UK.

2) Disposable income/allowance (after excluding housing, loan payments, and bills) is less than £300 per month. This value is a guidance, and applicants in need of assistance, are encouraged to apply even if they don’t meet this criteria.


1) Please fill in the form below to apply to avail this assistance. Any information shared on the form or with IIT AA UK for this purpose will be handled confidentially. 

2) A representative of IITAAUK will review your application and get in touch to discuss further. They may also be able to share information about other programs that may be of use to you.

3) Once your application is approved, a sum of up to £100 will be sent to your UK bank account. Approval is contingent on availability of funds and prioritization.

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