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Educational Initiatives

The vision IITAAUK educational initiative was stated in 2022. As IIT alumni, renowned for academic excellence and skills, we believe a well-rounded education forms the basis of a strong foundation in life and empowers people. This initiative is aimed at supporting grassroots level education, reaching out to novel and unmet educational needs. In the first round of funding (2022-23), three projects were selected for support.


Ekal Abhiyan – Holistic development of basic education in tribal and rural areas

Theme: Support for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Education
Charity: Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad
Mission: One Village – One Teacher – One Ekal Vidyalaya

BLSP is dedicated to bridging the urban-rural gap, minimising disparities, and integrating marginalised communities into the national development narrative. Within BLSP, Ekal Abhiyan is engaged in Nation Building and holistic development of remote rural and tribal villages through fivefold education viz. Basic Education, Healthcare Education, Skill Development Education, Ethics & Value Based Education and Empowerment Education.

Ekal synthesized the social aspects of Gandhian development into its processes and programmes such as gender equality, social harmony, respect for all faiths and non-violence. Ekal Abhiyan started in 1989 with a handful of Vidyalaya having crossed a mark of 1,00,000 Vidyalaya in November 2019. Ekal Abhiyan is operating in 27 states across India having a wide outreach.

In recognition of it’s works, Ekal Abhiyan was bestowed in 2019 “Gandhi Peace Award” for the year 2017 by Government of India. Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi sent a letter of appreciation on this achievement.

IITAAUK is proud to support teacher trainings in this important work with the potential to have game changing impact on society.

School Libraries in Rural India

Theme: Access to Education in Rural Areas
Charity: International Association for Human Values (IAHV) India
Mission: Empowering people and communities, with inclusive and sustainable development interventions, fostering universal human values.


IITAAUK sponsored the library for Vidyasager Gyanpeeth (Tathang Melli, Sikkim, India). The library was inaugurated by Mrs. Krishna Kumar Rai on 15th, Feb 2024, on the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Pooja, celebrating the deity of knowledge and wisdom. Mrs Rai is the donor of the land where the school building stands and the head of the Gram Panchayat unit (village administration). 




Young Tinker Space (YTS) for Hands-on STEAM Education

Theme: Support for impact activities relating to education
Charity: Young Tinker Educational Foundation
Mission: Hybrid education platform to empower school students in STEAM education. 

Tinker Academy is a hybrid education platform that empowers school students to explore, experiment, figure out and learn through hands-on STEAM education, helping them discover their purpose in life. The students have invented technologies, launched start-ups and created milestones by winning competitions and challenges by NASA, Intel, ISRO and many more.

IITAAUK is proud to support this unique and empowering project. 

We would like to reach out to you to share our passion for supporting educational initiatives that make a meaningful difference to lives. We rely on your generosity, whether it’s a one-off contribution or a regular monthly commitment to ensure sustainability. Every bit helps. If you are able to support us please use the donation link below, to make an on line payment

Thank you for considering this cause. Together we can make small but significant differences in the lives of students and teachers. Your contributions will be acknowledged on the website.

We would greatly appreciate your input and suggestions so that our efforts can better serve the community and have a far reaching impact.

Warm Regards,
Educational Initiatives Team