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    • 1. If you have a question and need help, choose the most appropriate forum and Create a New Topic.
    • 2. Make sure your topic is concise and convey the key request. e.g. Looking for immigration lawyer
    • 3. Limit your posts to requests in all forums other than the “Recommendations” Forum.
    • 4. DO NOT post general information, news, etc. in other Forums. If you have something that you feel would benefit the community as a whole and is not a Recommendation, email it to [email protected], who will review and post it in the “For Information” forum.
    • 5. DO NOT post advertisements, spam and other objectionable content.
    • 6. DO NOT post content on behalf of others, especially other businesses. This is a forum to help IITians individually and personally, so do not solicit business on behalf of your employer, for example.
    • 7. Do not share personal information in the forum. All registered users have access to the forum. It is not limited to paid members of the IIT AA UK.
    • 8. Please maintain a professional etiquette in all your posts. DO NOT make any personal attacks, foul language or threats.
    • 9. If you have a disagreement, limit it to the subject, not to the person.
    • 10. In each forum, pay attention to the topic “READ ME FIRST” for additional guidance specific to that forum
    • 11. Repeated violations of the code of conduct above will result in the capability to post being removed or being blocked entirely from the forum.
Viewing 0 reply threads
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