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IIT Alumni UK Open Showcase

IIT Alumni Association UK

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Here’s an opportunity for the Alumni community in the UK to share your knowledge and skills. Join in to share or to learn.
Each session will be repeated three times during the session, so you will have the opportunity to pick any three of the sessions to join in.

Topics and speakers can be seen below.

Do you have something to share that other IIT Alumni would be interested or benefit from?

  • Is there that special recipe to create an authentic dish from local ingredients in the UK?
  • Are you working on this fabulous new technology that will change the world?
  • Do you have a talent that you want to showcase to  this community?
  • Do you have pet that does some wonderful tricks?
  • Have you discovered a place that others might find worthwhile traveling to?
  • Is there a great DIY project that you have completed?

Whatever it is, if you would like to share that, we are planning on having an open online forum for people to share their ideas.

There is considerable flexibility on the format of the presentation. for example, it can be a lecture, an audio visual presentation, a demo or a panel discussion. Essentially, anything that can be shared over a Zoom call. Please set out your proposal when you register your interest.

The maximum time for any presentation will be 20 minutes including 5 minutes of questions and answers. Each session is to be repeated thrice, with participants free to choose which presentation they will attend.

Rough Agenda:

17:00  Welcome
17:05   Session 1
17:25   Regroup
17:30   Session 2
17:50   Regroup
17:55   Session 3
18:15   Open networking
18:50   Feedback
19:00   Close

The proposals are subject to acceptance by the IIT AA UK committee.

Click the Register Interest link above to both register your interest to present OR to participate.


Madhav Reddy

ZERO Plastics & CO2

You wish for less plastic and carbon footprint in your daily life? You are wary of spending more for the good cause? is an answer. You spend 2-3 times less, at the same time reduce the carbon and plastic footprint by 95%. Join me and find out how.

Food as a strategic choice

Humans are 100% made from food, but influence of food human life is drastically underrated.
Food determines, who you are, if you get a job, if you score A in GCSE/A level, if you live 100+, if you keep disease away etc.




Ramesh Menon

Digital Workers powered by Robotic Process Automation and the future of work

Digital Workers powered by Robotic Process Automation is the future of every workplace.Join this session to find out the basics of automation, practical realities behind the technology, how automation can power your workplace and if it is viable for small and large organisations alike.

Environmental Governance: Three Approaches to Become an Agent of Change

Sunil shares how each of us can be an agent of change to make a difference on environmental issues. He introduces his seven pillars of environmental governance and discusses each one briefly. Each one of us can understand how we can contribute to the strengthening of at least one pillar or indeed adopt one as our pet pillar


sunil shastri



Net-Zero UK

The presentation will showcase the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. The challenges are also opportunities for further research. I will also briefly showcase the wonderful ongoing research in my group (Energy and Power Group) at the University of Oxford and some interesting facts that can help individuals reduce their own carbon footprint.

Aircraft Electrification- Role of superconductivity in the future of aerospace

The relationship between aviation and the environment is one of the key challenges facing developed societies. Major reduction in carbon emissions are required to meet environmental targets. Join in to hear about Aircraft electrification as a necessary step towards achieving those goals and tackling climate change.


Gaurav Pic



My UK Political Career

What is it like moving to a new country and making it your own? Nothing says making it my own than joining politics. I’ll share my journey that has led to an election win this year.

R&D incentives for UK companies

The government provides a number of incentives for companies. You would be surprised not just that not many people are aware of these but that even when there is awareness, it is not utilised effectively. 





Statistical consequences of fat-tails

Mathematicians always focus on n=1 or n= infinity, but what happens in between is the real world. This is the main focus of the topic – using probability and statistics to explain how they are being misused in real world. Be it covid or IQ test.

My purpose, mission and vision

Arriving in the UK just before the Lehman Bank collapse and the job offer I had disappearing, I decided to risk it all going on my own.
I’ll be sharing:
– personal story
– learnings from childhood and military career into the Corporate world
– journey to UK during economic downturn
– results experienced by our former clients



Ala' Al-Hihi


Doing Business in Middle East

If you are looking to venture in doing business primarily in the Middle East, I would like to share some of my own field experience accumulated for over quarter century.

Your opportunity to showcase

Do you have something to share that other IIT Alumni would be interested or benefit from?
Make your submission by clicking on the Register interest above

Maybe you?



  1. Karishma Jain
    7th March 2021 @ 3:39 pm

    I would like to attend this showcase but will not be able to participate as a presenter


    • Web M Web M
      8th March 2021 @ 1:46 pm

      You can register to just participate.


  2. Sunil Murlidhar S Sunil Murlidhar S
    7th March 2021 @ 9:05 pm

    I am wondering what I could present! How much time does one get? What format/s can one use? Please advise. Thanks and regards – Sunil Murlidhar Shastri, xxx Personal contact info removed xxx,


    • Web M Web M
      8th March 2021 @ 1:48 pm

      Good questions.
      Will update the event description with some more details.


  3. Ritu Kataky
    19th May 2021 @ 11:13 am

    I would like to attend but will be away on the 6th June.


    • Web M Web M
      19th May 2021 @ 11:33 am

      That’s unfortunate, Ritu. Hope to see you on the next event.


  4. Rhyddhi Chakraborty
    26th May 2021 @ 10:30 am

    Would like to attend but unable to present this time. Thank you, Rhyddhi


    • Web M Web M
      26th May 2021 @ 10:36 am

      Look forward to seeing you at the event, Rhyddhi. Please register yourself to attend.



  5. Shree Vidhyaa Karunanidhi
    26th May 2021 @ 1:14 pm

    I am interested but I am away on the 6th. Sorry


    • Web M Web M
      26th May 2021 @ 1:18 pm

      Hope to see you on the next one then.


  6. Vijay
    31st May 2021 @ 9:08 am

    I would like to attend this showcase, but not be able to make a presentation this time.


    • Web M Web M
      31st May 2021 @ 9:29 am

      Not a problem, Vijay. Do register and attend.


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