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IIT UK Mentorship Programme

Connect with a fellow IITian who has been there, done that!

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The Mentorship Programme

Program objectives:
The mentorship program of IIT Alumni Association UK (IIT AA UK) is aimed to build a thriving culture of support among IIT alumni in the UK. This program is designed to provide IIT alumni in the UK with guidance and mentorship in their professional life and career. One of our objectives is to facilitate the development of meaningful relationships and camaraderie within the community.

How it will work:
Leveraging on the diverse alumni base we have, our mentors will include seasoned careerists, entrepreneurs and professionals from all areas of industry including engineering, finance, operations, technology and more. Mentors and mentees will be matched at the beginning of each quarter and continue to interact on a monthly basis throughout the year. This interaction will be in the form of virtual or physical meet-ups as mutually convenient for the mentors and mentees. IIT AA UK will schedule a few group sessions depending on the interest and alignment. 

Time commitment:
Participants can schedule catch-ups directly working out the best mode of communication and slots as per mutual convenience. We expect all participants to be mindful of the time others are putting in this program and make the most of it. At the outset we expect a time commitment of 1 to 2 hours per month. 

How we will measure success: 
We expect this program to be beneficial to both mentors and mentees. IIT AA UK will request participants for quarterly and annual feedback. A summarised version will be shared with the wider community on an annual basis. In a lot of ways the success of this program would depend on the participants themselves. 


Can I register as a mentee and mentor?
Yes anyone can be a mentor and can also sign-up to be a mentee. Just fill the form by checking relevant boxes (twice, separately for mentee and mentorship).

Can one mentor work with multiple mentees?
While our primary objective is to develop deeper one to one relationships, this is doable. This would also mean higher time-commitment for the mentor.

What is the minimum duration of this engagement?
In order to strengthen the ties and achieve tangible outcomes, we expect this engagement should run for at least one year. If due to unavoidable circumstances this relationship ends earlier than a year, participants should let the IIT AA UK committee know about it, with brief explanation. This will help the committee to amend program structure for the subsequent batches, if necessary. 

I haven’t mentored before or have been a mentee! How do I prepare for this program?
No special preparation is required for this program. We have added a few helpful resources below and will share a handbook of good practices with all the participants before the program commences.

Important Dates

Sunday, 30 January, 2022: Online kick-off meeting and introduction for the first batch of mentors and mentees.
This would be a zoom call by IIT UK in which the mentors and mentees (who expressed interest before 21st January) shall be briefed about their roles and about the IIT UK mentorship support system.

April, 2022: Review of Mentor-Mentee relationships/ output.
Feedback shall be collected via a questionnaire. The IIT AA UK mentorship coordinators shall review each relationship and provide support/ changes etc.

April, 2022: Kick-off meeting for new batch of mentors, mentees.


If you are an IIT alumnus in the UK who is interested in becoming a mentor, mentee or mentorship coordinator for the IIT UK Mentorship Programme, please convey your interest by filling in this online form here.

If you have any questions about the program please contact Ninad at [email protected].

Kindly register (free or paid) on if you have not done so already (required for participation)!

Help Out

If you have any feedback, suggestions or wish to help out in any way, kindly contact Ninad at [email protected] or Nitin at [email protected].

Helpful Resources

Mentor tips

Mentee tips

How to be a mentor