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PAN IIT World of Technology

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PI-WOT, the flagship Global Virtual Technology conference, is organised by PanIIT Alumni India, supported by the IIT Alumni Association UK and other IITians worldwide. Comprising the pillars of conversation, application and showcase, it brings together technologists, innovators, researchers, start-ups, academics, investors and policy makers – to understand the pivotal changes, knowing implications, advantages and experiences of adaptation, and collaborating to evolve the transformed way of working. A crystal ball gazing, so as to say, in a world where formal education tends to become obsolete even before it has been completed.

The past year has given rise to Pivotal Changes. PI-WOT Global Technology Summit, a breakthrough initiative, is a platform to unravel the direction of these changes. Pivoting will open up a world of new opportunities for sustainable growth and alignment with a new normal that the entire world has shifted to.

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