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Educational Initiative Guidelines


The IIT AA UK Educational Initiatives (IITAAUK EI) funding is a block grant that can be used flexibly by eligible applicants to support several preliminary-stage translational projects in education.

IITAAUK EI awards are specifically intended to initiate and support kickstarting a good idea with underpinning evidence to the point at which it might be competitive for full translational funding. The IITAAUK EI scheme gives funding to the following initiatives:

  1. Early concepts of novel ideas to support all aspects related to education.
  2. Suitable schemes supporting education, particularly in economically deprived areas.
  3. Neglected and unmet aspects of education in India

Applicants should articulate the objectives of their educational initiatives fully and how the funds from the IITAAUK EI award will be used when applying for an award.


IITAAUK EI funding is available for educational initiatives that aim to support education in India, preferably in the neglected and economically deprived areas.

It is expected the value of an award will be for an amount between £1,000 to £3,000. Applicants should keep in mind that the IITAAUK has a finite budget each year, and as an organization our aim is to fund at least 3 projects annually.

Any award is also subject to eligibility of the receiving organization to receive donation from IITAAUK in UK.  They should possess a certificate of registration to accept donations generally, under the FCRA. The organization should, preferably. have a registered charity status.


The application form must be submitted in the online form provided.

Particular attention should be paid to the Project Details section, where you are encouraged to outline the nature of the translational opportunity of your approach, the potential benefits to education and society, and competitive advantages of your approach relative to any competing solutions. Project Milestones should be identified. All costs should be fully justified.

Where appropriate, applications should suggest the name of a potential mentor who can provide project oversight.

Applications will be assessed by a committee appointed by IITAAUK.


30th May  2023


Applications must have clear stated outcomes with details of the work to be funded by the award.  Mentoring support can be sought from members of IITAAUK. Applicants are encouraged to engage with the IITAAUK community. A final project report will be required.


Reporting procedures will include ongoing monitoring and evaluation through the funding period and to discuss the publicity potential of successful projects. Successful applicants may be required to provide a written case study upon completion of their project, and these could be used as examples of impact. Successful applicants will be encouraged to engage with IITAAUK committee to ensure sustainability of the funded projects.


IITAAUK committee will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the contents of the applications for IITAAUK EI are considered in strict confidence.


Please submit all applications at the link here.

Please submit any enquiries to: [email protected]