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IIT Alumni Association Education Initiative

The IIT AA UK Educational Initiatives (IITAAUK EI) funding is a block grant that can be used flexibly by eligible applicants to support several preliminary-stage translational projects in education.

IITAAUK EI awards are specifically intended to initiate and support kickstarting a good idea with underpinning evidence to the point at which it might be competitive for full translational funding. The IITAAUK EI scheme gives funding to the following initiatives:

  1. Early concepts of novel ideas to support all aspects related to education.
  2. Suitable schemes supporting education, particularly in economically deprived areas.
  3. Neglected and unmet aspects of education in India  

Applicants should articulate the objectives of their educational initiatives fully and how the funds from the IITAAUK EI award will be used when applying for an award in the form below.

Please read the full guidelines before completing the application form below.



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